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October 17, 2022

Lie detector test assists family of four move forward

A lie detector test is the best way to get accurate information whether you are the accuser or the accused. Most of the time a person associates lies detection tests with very negative outcomes. However, in this blog you will learn that in a lot of cases tests done by Lies2Light brings hope and restores relationship. This of course is also our mission. To bring restoration, peace and closure to complicated uncomfortable situations.

In this post we will be sharing how Lies2Light assisted a family of four in moving forward. Justin from assisted a mother of two in clearing her name when suspected of infidelity whilst on a business trip. A disgruntled employee was circulating rumors about her and a superior in her workplace. The accused was identified.

Trust in a relationship is such a fragile thing. One mistake and trust can be broken. What if though, you were not the one who broke the trust, but rather was accused? This is exactly what happened to this mother.

Whilst out on a business trip, rumors started circulating that she was not on the so called business trip, instead, she was having an affair.

Completely unaware of what was going on, upon her return from her trip she walked into a war zone. Not only was her husband affected and dealing with his own doubts and hurts, but their were also 2 children to consider.

This family was heading for some stormy waters in the time to come.

The situation could have gotten worse very fast as their marriage was heading down a path none of them planned. Through it all deep down this family chose each other above the stormy waters. They got in contact with Justin from Lies2Light to conduct a lies detection test.

For one second just put yourself in the shoes of both the husband and the wife. The husband not knowing, doubting, going through his own emotional turmoil. The wife, knowing that she was innocent, but her word was not good enough. And then the kids...... Seeing the turmoil of both mom and dad, not knowing what the future may hold and if they are going to keep both their parents in the same house.

The test was conducted with Justin and the truth was revealed.

A disgruntled employee and superior in her work place was circulating these rumors. The truth was revealed and finally this family could work toward restoration. And the marriage boat survived the stormy waters.

There are so many other relationships, friendships, marriages, family relations that gets damaged permanently due to trust being broken. And as we all know once trust is broken, to restore that it seems nearly impossible. However, if we choose the person over the circumstance, give them a fair chance and sometimes even pushing the boundaries and doing something like a lies detection test you are able to restore and rebuild the trust. The key is to be aware of what you are dealing with and take action before it’s too late. Look at the person, how they are and have been entwined into your life and is it worth throwing it all away.

A lie detector test can be one of the best ways to get accurate information whether you are the accuser or the accused

When you find yourself in a similar position where you believe that a family member, friend or spouse has been lying to you, it can be hard to know how to proceed. The last thing you want is for your family to fall apart because of a lie. You want to be able to trust the people around you and when someone betrays your trust, it can be devastating. This is why it is so important to look at all the avenues to resolve a matter for both you and the suspected liar. And a A lie detector test may be the best way for everyone involved in the situation to move forward.

Also having it done by a person such as Justin from Lies2Ligth where there is no judgement, only determination to rebuild trust and brings restoration can be that silver lining you need to start the process.

A lie detector test does not provide magic answers or solve all problems, but it can offer a lot of information about what happened and whether the accused party was telling the truth or not.

If you suspect someone in your life is lying about something important—a relationship breakup perhaps?—you should strongly consider using this type of technology so as not only get accurate answers but also build and restore trust between yourself and those closest to you.

For this family it was their silver lining, the accused was identified and a lie detector test proved her innocence. A marriage was saved, trust was restored and in this case a family was able to walk away from a big mess and a lifetime of sorrow.

Please note that pictures and names of the real family have been changed for privacy reasons.

If you are finding yourself in the same position, don't let it rob from you any longer, get in touch with Justin from Lies2Light, start the process and put it behind you.

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