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November 24, 2022

The Up-side of Lie Detection Tests

In this blog post we will be looking at how lie detection tests have changed lives, restored hope and also brought closure. Thank you to each client who shared a testimonial with us. We share them here with great appreciation to all our past clients, current clients and future clients. What a privilege to be able to assist in the restoration of relationships, re-employment of staff, helping people move forward and many more.

Stolen Money

An elderly mother's mind was put at ease and an elderly father and son's relationship was restored after a polygraph test done by Lies2Light in Doncaster revealed that money stolen from the family home was not stolen by their eldest son, rather contractors that were on the property were found to be the responsible parties.

False Rumors

We see this more often than what we would like. In this case we had a close friend circulate false information about the client. the client was wrongfully implicated in engaging in intimate relationships with her partners friends and family members. A Lies2Light lie detector test done in Sheffield revealed the culprit and the matter was settled.

Moving Forward assists in Nottingham, helping a husband close a chapter and move forward with life.
Following the test, the client's wife admitted to being unfaithful with the chairman of the tennis club they attended for 20 years. The client believes that the test should have been done years before.

Young Man's Name Cleared

For this one traveled to Leeds, clearing a young man's name of the allegedly distribution of nude photos of a young woman on social media. Amid accusations, the accused's friends turned on him leaving him to seek a reputable and definitive manner through which two clear his name.

The polygraph process revealed that these images were send to him by an ex-girlfriend and also to other men.

The True Liqueur Thief Identified in York established the truth in a case of liquor being stolen from a pub. A long standing employee of several years was cleared following the admission of theft by a new employee. Even though the accused employee's reputation was initially tarnished, he was re-employed and continues to serve and resume is duties as usual before the allegation.

Mother and Daughter-in-law Feud

It is not uncommon for a mother and daughter-in-law to not get along. However in this case mom went a little bit far and a lie detector test done in Manchester revealed the innocence of the daughter-in-law.

A family feud erupted causing division in the family after the daughter-in-law was accused of hiding the mother-in-law's jewellery. Further questioning revealed that the mother-in-law was trying to slander the daughter-in-law's name by painting her as a thief.

Infidelity Suspicion Put to Rest does a lie detector test in Birmingham revealing the truth behind a client’s suspicion. After thorough questioning and concluding the polygraph tests. The client’s mind was put to rest.

The client had a friend spending the weekend with them. After going out for an evening meal the three of them arrived home.

She woke up the next morning, suspecting that her partner had spiked her drink in order for the partner and visiting friend to engage romantically. Both the client’s friend and her partner were tested and passed.

Disclaimer: Images used in this blog post is stock footage and does not reveal the identity of our clients.

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